UI/UX Design

Recent years and the development of software applications have diverted the importance of an application from its main features to its interface. The importance of the User interface and experience has rapidly increased and pays a large role in how the application will be received by customers. The UI is responsible for customer engagement from the first use. Idea Infinity specializes in the creation of beautifully engaging and responsive visual interfaces which increase user adoption. Our intuitive visuals result in higher profits for our clients. Our UI/UX process begins from rough sketches to high fidelity designs. We work in close collaboration with our partners to create web and mobile applications that will appeal to you and the general market.

User Experience

The term user experience has gained much popularity with the progression of application development. Creativity is in the air at Idea Infinity. We encourage thinking out of the box providing n environment where our employees think out of the box resulting in visually impressive custom design interfaces for your application. Our team is not a follower but a leader. Instead of imitating trends in the market, we look for innovation n our designs and set the trends ourselves. Each of our designs has that unique punch or ‘X-factor’ that sets our applications apart from others. From font-type and color combination to leveraging cool UI tricks, our designs are guaranteed to please your audience!

Brand Integration

We focus on your branding in all aspects of the software application that we develop. We integrate your branding scheme into the product that we develop through logo inclusion, font scheme, the use of corporate colors and other elements. Each application is developed after considerable brain storming by our design gurus who the prepared a custom theme based on your industry. Our design of the Casino Gaming Application; SudokuPDQ, our designers wanted to emulate the look and feel of an actual casino table which they were able to replicate successfully. Similarly the Gotham Mini Storage application based in New York City was designed in order to project an urban feel.


It’s not just bells and whistles at Idea Infinity, our expert UX developers work closely with our business analysts and architects in order to draw up story maps which align the UX requirements with business goals. This results in a smooth and intuitive workflow ensuring speed and usability in the application with limited click thru. Savings on data usage can be obtained by avoiding unnecessary downloads and redirects on mobile and tablet devices. The tech tea is also involved in the process to make sure that the ideas are successfully implemented.

Device Design Optimization

The plethora of devices available in the market means that the display sizes that the users are currently using vary from each other. Each platform, the computer, IPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones all differ in size and capabilities. Factor in touch and non-touch devices and we have a confused mess on our hands. Idea Infinity is capable of removing all those problems by creating applications that make the best use of any platforms capability and optimizes itself according to the screen size so users can get the ‘native’ feel. If a project requires a multi-platform application we create applications that have a similar visual feel but have a platform optimized UI structure.