Software Application Testing

Our comprehensive testing services at Idea Infinity include testing of web and mobile applications. Testing software makes sure that there are no problems in the future upon implementation of technology in the corporation or at the time of use. Applications, whether they are web or mobile tend to have a lot of bugs. This is why it’s important to expose them to a variety of scenarios and make sure that they work optimally in all cases. The testing phase makes sure that it finds all situations where such bugs may occur and then eliminate them from the application. Quality control is the most important aspect at this phase of the software life cycle. This is why we focus on efficient error detection and immediate correction. All of this is done while keeping in mind the costs being incurred and making sure that the most cost-effective solution is implemented without any compromise on quality. Our holistic approach towards application testing is innovative in the manner that we have incorporated it into our application development lifecycle as a continuous process rather than a single step. Although an entire phase is dedicated to testing and debugging, it becomes a regular process once the software has been delivered.

Services and Key Focus Areas

We at Idea Infinity are the pioneers of Software testing in NJ and NY and offer software testing solutions which ensure that the delivered product upon completion meets the pre-defined standards and requirements within the umbrella of usability, performance, standards and organizational policies. The aspects that we primarily focus on include:

Technological Expertise

Our quality assurance test engineers have vast experience in manual regression and testing automated software. They are also experts at drawing up plans and leveraging testing tools. The execution of test cases, reporting of defects and issues is also one of their primary objectives. We take ownership and responsibility for the testing and debugging of your Web Application Testing and Mobile Application Testing projects.