Software Application Maintenance



Idea Infinity offers Software Application Maintenance Services which stay within your budget. This however does not mean any deterioration in quality or loss of features. Idea Infinity is your complete technology partner and provides you with reliability and assurance that you will receive the best technological solutions to your application maintenance needs. We build relationships with our clients that continue even after delivery and deployment. In fact, it is our commitment to maintenance of our software applications that sets s apart from the crowd. We acknowledge the need for continuous care and preventive software maintenance and never disappoint on that front.

Our Services & Key Focus Areas

We care for and maintain the critical software applications of your business using our end-to-end Preventive Software Maintenance services over a wide spectrum of web and mobile technologies. We take special care for the maintenance of the application software in order to increase its lifespan by making it more stable and usable. Increase in lifespan and other tasks during maintenance make sure that the total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced over time. Corporations don’t necessarily have the expertise to deal with software and application issues that they may face over time. Even their IT departments are more focused on the implementation and correction of software involved in business communication and other vital processes. This is why we are focused on the provision of excellent maintenance services allowing us to manage all software problems with the expertise that corporate IT departments do not have thereby allowing you to focus more on your business. Our sustainable solutions in Software Application Maintenance stress primary emphasis on;

  • Corrective software Maintenance – Troubleshooting issues reported by users.
  • Preventive Software Maintenance – Detecting and rectifying potential problems before being noticed by users
  • Perfective Software Maintenance – Enhanced performance and software applications stability
  • Adaptive Software Maintenance – Maintaining adaptability of products usage in a changing environment.

Technology Maintenance

Our maintenance team has some of our best experts working on the debugging, troubleshooting and defect analysis on the software after dispatch. We keep a watchful eye all the while on the costs incurred and make sure to provide the most cost-effective services within a definite period. Other than our standard maintenance we also provide services pertaining to the upgrade, patching, testing and improvement of the software. Performance reviews, functionality enhancement, planning and precision in reporting are other aspects that Idea Infinity cares for when maintaining the software. Idea Infinity build relationships with its clients. We wish to create long lasting contacts with our clients and grow together a team. This is why we don’t abandon our clients to tackle the software after dispatch. We realize that there are many problems that software may face after the time of dispatch which cannot be adequately handled by corporate IT departments. Contact Idea Infinity and find out how you can benefit from our software application development services.