Mobile Application Development

With today’s intricate mobile technology and robust platforms with enhanced capabilities and performance, software development has progressed by leaps and bounds. Idea infinity is the leader in mobile application development and has kept up with the times building advanced mobile applications for all purposes such as businesses, customer utility, social networking and gaming. Our primary focus in mobile application development has been the iOS and Android. Starting from the initial stages of the development of the UI/UX until the end with the launch of the software in the app store, Idea Infinity is with you every step of the way, keeping a close and watchful eye on the development of mobile solutions.

IPhone Application Development

The iOS is probably one of the most used and popular mobile platforms on the market today. IPhones can be accredited with the bulk of the credit for making technological applications an integral part of our daily life. Consumers spend more time on the iOS than any other mobile application platform. Idea Infinity has expertise in optimizing applications specifically for the iOS and has succeeded in the development of numerous applications already. Concepts brought to us by businesses and entrepreneurs regarding their mobile applications were translated into reality. Our iPhone app development lifecycle stems from the initial design and strategy stage to the final application launch stage. Idea infinity works in close collaboration with the client to make sure we are on the same page at all points of the development life cycle ensuring success upon completion.

IPad Application Development

To say that the IPad has changed the game considerably would be an understatement. IPads introduced a level of application use and development that was once only available on computers. It allows similar usability without the need to carry around a bulky laptop. Our IPad application software includes a plethora of apps such as business apps, casino apps, job portals, social networking, financial apps, product catalogues, mobile web apps and educational games. We have even produced apps for service industries such as electronic medical records and restaurants.

Android Phone and Tablet Application Development

Reports show that Android devices are the most sold smartphones worldwide than other devices combined. This growth in the consumer base has led to an increasing demand and the need for Android Application Development. Our Android Application development life cycle consists of a complete solution strategically broken down into steps to deliver custom and optimized solutions for the development of innovative mobile applications at affordable prices.