IT Staffing Services

Businesses are often faced by staffing issues when starting a new project or when they require additional sources. The problem that they face is with understanding the expertise of the applicants. Idea Infinity, being a leader in the technological industry has the knowledge and expertise to identify which individuals will be best suited for your needs and how her skills can benefit your company. If your business requires staff for a particular project we provide an individual with a skill set that would best benefit the project until its completion. With Idea Infinity’s staffing services, businesses can rest assured that the analysis and provision of staff is being done by an experienced company with an extensive knowledge and background of the technology being implemented. The elimination of a lengthy recruitment process on the part of the company allows businesses to focus on the more important things and also reduce the associated fixed costs.

IT Staffing Expertise

We are well-equipped to proved skilled personnel for all kinds of technological platforms. Our highly skilled IT consultants with years of experience can help you with all technological projects. In fact we even have specialized consultants for trickier projects so you can get perfect results form an expert in a cost effective manner. We provide IT staff augmentation services for

  • Temporary/ Contract IT staffing
  • Contract-to-Hire IT staffing
  • Permanent/ Direct Hire IT staffing

What makes us the perfect service for staff augmentation is the fact that we are already established within the technological industry and positioned to identify upcoming talent and experienced expertise. Our ability to build custom software applications and a plethora of other skills allows us to identify the presence of those skills in others and then match them up with companies that need them the most.

Our Success Stories

We have already placed a number of skilled professionals in prestigious companies where their partnerships have resulted in some of the most successful projects and business ventures. The fields that we have been able to cater to include;

  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • UI / UX Design
  • Application QA Testing
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Database Design, Development, and Administration
  • Application Architecture and Design
  • Project Management

Idea Infinity and You

There are many services that Idea Infinity can offer within the scope of our IT staffing services. As your recruitment partner, we will be able to provide invaluable services which benefit you in many ways.

  • Our prior experience and expertise in custom software development have strategically positioned us where we can clearly and expertly identify the perfect candidates for your recruitment needs
  • Our flexibility in the number of staff that we can provide has been beneficial for businesses for all sizes. W can provide a single resource or even an entire end-to-end project team depending upon your requirements. Our flexibility on the provision of resources allows us to provide supplemental personnel along with the changing requirements of the project.
  • We take care of all the messy business of finding and sifting through hundreds of applicants, saving businesses from using their time and resources in the process. We short-list candidates for your needs and provide you with resumes that we believe will be best suited for the job

We take care of your staffing requirements as if they were our own. The process we use for our own staffing requirements when looking for a developer will also be implemented when looking for an IT consultant for the firm. Our seamless recruitment process is what sets us apart from the competition. Our ultimate motive when augmenting staff is to do it in the smoothest manner possible eliminating any troubles or hassles on the part of the client. The main factor however is our ability to clearly understand the requirements of your projects and providing the best suited personnel for your requirement. Contact s to find experienced and talented IT consultant picked by expert software developers well equipped to recognize talent.


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