IPhone App Development


The IPhone can be credited with the increase in use of mobile technology and applications. It is the most popular platform on which users spend more time than all other platforms combined. Idea Infinity has already worked with several businesses in order to develop custom applications for IPhones. We collaborate closely with businesses at each stage of the development life-cycle to ensure that the application is successfully launched.

IPhone Application Development: A Business Strategy

The popularity of the IPhone has been mostly concentrated on educational, social networking, and gaming apps. The IPhone is the primary choice of platform when it comes to the development of application due to the user intuitiveness and the stability of the platform. The use of the IPhone applications for business promotions is a long term business strategy which demands a team of experts and professionals s to work diligently and closely with the business in order to deliver the best possible results. This is why prestigious companies such as R Horton, YMCA, Party Rental, InterCall and several others chose Idea Infinity as their go-to choice for IPhone Application development.

Why Idea Infinity

Our experts in IPhone Application development are well equipped to handle every need of your business. Our team of highly trained professionals consists of senior mobile developers, user interface designers, and mobile architects with proven expertise in building high-end iPhone applications. IPhone applications that we have successfully built and launched in the Apple store include features such as mobile security, location search, multi-media capabilities, calendar API, social media integration and many other commonly used and advanced features. We even have the expertise which allows us to export existing mobile applications onto IPhone’s platform. We provide solutions for Business Applications, Retail Apps, Mobile Banking Solutions, Multimedia & Social Networking Applications, Gaming Applications, Mobile Websites and Web Apps.

Location Search, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare

We already have a few successful IPhone applications under our belt which integrate location search capabilities and social media applications. These features allow users to find locations within their range based on their current geographic location and search query. Our IPhone application SudokuPDQ allows user to integrate with social media in order to share game scores with their network while Pollitix allows you to check-in to various locations.

Server Integration

IPhone application usually requires integration with a back-end web server. Our extensive experience and skill in this area gives us an advantage over other companies which do not seem to have this capability. We can expertly handle, build and integrate APIs ensuring the protection of vital data application performance. Our ability to create innovative, high-end custom applications is what makes us the best. We successfully developed a complete suite of applications including web front-end, server back-end, mobile applications on iPhone, IPad, and other leading platforms.

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