IPad Application Developmentt

Idea Infinity is the leader of the market when it comes to building native and hybrid applications on the iOS platform. We have the experience and expertise which has allowed us to surpass all others in IPad application development. The introductions of iPads have allowed users to get the same usability and performance that were only traditionally only available on desktop PCs. it eliminates the need to carry around bulky devices such as laptops. The best thing about iPads is that it gives us the best of both worlds where it eliminates the need to carry around heavy devices while giving the same functionality where users will not be hindered by the limitations that are faced when using smartphones with small screens.

Expertise in IPad Application Development

None understands the language of IPad application development like we do. Not only do we create custom applications made exclusively for IPads, we also build universal applications which are compatible throughout the platform, providing support for IPad, iPhone and iPod devices. Our portfolio boasts a variety of application which covers the complete spectrum of the rainbow. These include business apps, casino games, job portal, social networking apps, educational games, pharmacy applications, electronic medical records, restaurant apps, product catalog applications, tablet friendly web applications and many other custom apps. We discuss each part of the development lifecycle with you and work in collaboration with you at every step beginning from the initial strategy till the final launch. Idea Infinity provides the best end-to-end services in the market

IPad Business Applications

The user intuitiveness and the performance capabilities of the IPad has opened up new avenues for development and has provided increased opportunities for building applications that can handle the requirements of a business applications. The lifestyle appeal of the IPad has made it a device which is being used for all sorts of applications. The IPad is capable of capturing sales leads, handling field work, or showcasing business portfolios. Businesses have actually started to consider building native applications for IPads or simple web browser apps that can be run on the IPad. Our mobile development team has successfully built applications for a large number and variety of businesses which has allowed many to optimize their business functions and performance through our innovative IPad applications.

Redefining Gaming!

Casual gaming had already seen a boost when the iPhone came along, but the IPad is what took the situation further. It is now the most popular console for gaming applications. The retina display is what made the IPad the perfect device for casual games. The enhancement of lifestyle and the ability to travel with games on the go is what popularized the IPad. Our IPad games such as the SudokuPDQ offers an unparalleled user experience where players all over the world can compete with each other and share their scores and wins on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Retail applications

iOS applications have become such an ingrained part of our lives that recreational tasks such as eating out have also been influenced by them. Individuals would usually go out to dinner and view the paper menu on the table. Today, not only can you view the menu, you get access to customer reviews, chef’s recommendations and even place orders. Retail stores have now made tablets available at their premises where you can view the entire product catalog. The IPad has revolutionized the relationship between the business and the customer and changed the way that the two communicate with each other by eliminating most of the barriers that stood in their way.

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