IOS Application Development

Idea Infinity is a leader in the development of iOS application development offering full life cycle services for applications for IPhones and iPads. We work closely with you every step of the way from the point of gathering the initial requirements and mobile UI design to the application development, Quality Assurance Testing and launch in the Apple Store. Our expertise has allowed us to create a variety of applications for various industries whether they are high tech and gaming or financial services and healthcare.

Your success is our goal which is why we always work toward the development o cutting edge iOS application technologies in order to make your business stand out in the market. Our iOS apps are visually stunning, appealing to the eye and easy to use.

IOS Application Development

Our dedicated mobile team consists of talented individuals who are expert applications developers that can turn an idea into a magnificent application in a cinch. Our team of mobile strategists, app analysts, and user experience designers build upon your idea and turn it into an executable project and brought to life by the iOS developers. This collaborative approach makes sure that all aspects are covered and that all the experts, including you are involved with the project at all times. This allows us to monitor the application thoroughly throughout every stage of the development lifecycle.

Why iOS?

Although this question is a no-brainer, many companies need to consider which platform to use for application development. iOS is massively popular and owns nearly half the market share in the USA. An average user spends more time on an iOS application than on all other combined. The Apple store is a great opportunity to generate revenue from application development. It is for this reason that most companies choose the iOS as the platform for their applications when they do not have the budget to develop o other platforms as well.

IPhone Application Development

The introduction of the ipho0ne changed the way that we communicate and use our mobile devices. The use of applications has now become an integral part of our lifestyle. Being the most popular device for business, educational, social networking and gaming, the IPhone is the go-to choice for developers and businesses. This is due to the intuitiveness and stability of the iOS platform. Using the iPhone for enterprise application is a long-term business strategy. This is why it is important to have a team of depicted and experienced professionals with the skill and expertise to develop their applications. It is for this reason that many prestigious companies such as DR Horton, YMCA, Party Rental, InterCall, Gotham Mini Storage and several others choose to build a relationship with Idea Infinity.

IPad application Development

A lot can be said for the ability of the IPad as a tool capable of handling business applications. This increasingly popular device has outstanding performance, lifestyle appeal and user intuitiveness that allows applications to be used to their full potential. The IPad even surpasses the IPhone when it comes to capturing sales leads, handling fieldwork or showcasing business portfolios. This is why most organizations are no choosing to create native applications for the IPad. Idea Infinity is proud to say that they have successfully developed a plethora of corporate apps including business apps, casino games, job portals, social networking apps, educational games, healthcare apps, retail apps, product catalog applications, IPad friendly mobile web apps and many other custom apps.

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