Cloud Application Development

Software providers in the modern technological age rely mostly on cloud based multi tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) applications. Idea Infinity is a leader in the development of cloud based application specializing in SaaS applications. We are experts in handling these applications from the beginning of its life cycle toward its deployment. We are experts and provide solutions for all in one place. With infinite possibilities, Idea Infinity will drive your business projects towards success by the development of proprietary SaaS frameworks while lowering your investment.

Why the Cloud?

With the shift toward cloud based application software, businesses must wonder why the technology as progressed so significantly over recent years. There are a number of advantages that cloud based application software have for businesses and customers alike. The multi-tenant approach reduces the fees associated with licensing. Cloud based applications are mostly accompanied with monthly ‘pay-as-you-go’ subscriptions. Team collaboration and data sharing becomes a cinch when using cloud based applications. Perhaps the largest benefit of cloud based applications is the lack of associated hardware. Single hosting environments don’t require an infrastructure to be set up lowering the initial cost of installation, maintenance and replacement costs and as a result, the total cost of ownership. Updates are much more conveniently implemented without the need for lengthy release cycles saving time and money on both the side of the provider and the end-user.

Our Experts

Not only are we experts in the provision of cloud based SaaS application development but also in the provision of secured and scalable infrastructure with notable and reliable providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Rackspace. We are capable of creating solutions from scratch and implementing technologies such as ASP.NET and Java to the best of their capabilities. We also build flexible UI (User Interface) infrastructure for those who want to build one and deliver branded solutions to their customers.

Data Security

One of the biggest concerns that is enveloped with cloud based application software is that of data security. Idea Infinity provides secured infrastructure and protects systems from hacking. Encryption of sensitive data such as usernames, passwords, credit cards and other important points provides a level of security. Each user is given a unique login which limits access for unwanted parties. Each username displays relevant information to the employee based on the amount of access that they’ve been given. We ensure that your data is secure and that you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

Mobile Cloud Computing

There is a very high demand for mobile commerce, retail, banking, enterprise and web applications in the current Mobile Application Market. The recent development of the Android and iOS platforms and their capabilities coupled with the advent of high bandwidth network has allows developers to make use of cloud driven mobile applications. Our experience n mobile application development has provided us with the expertise required in the development of such cloud based mobile applications. Idea Infinity has already developed custom mobile applications like mobile banking, mobile construction management, electronic medical records, multi-platform gaming application, mobile retail management, and several others.