Android Application Developement

Android based mobile devices are the most commonly sold devices in the world. This statistic greater than those of other platforms combined. Based on this information, you can guess how important it is for businesses to develop applications on the Android platform if they wish to reach the masses. Idea Infinity provides full life cycle services and complete solutions for the development of custom application for enterprises. Our development solutions are not only innovative but also cost-effective because we care about the success of your company and know how important it is to maintain the bottom line.


Developing Native Applications

An SDK is provided with the Android Platform which allows developers to make native applications using Java and XML. These native applications allow apps to leverage platform features and provide better results through the true platform advantage over HTML 5. The developers at Idea Infinity are experts when it comes to native Android Application development which allows room for future enhancement and maintenance. We are experienced in building business apps, games, android based appliance, social networking apps, and consumer apps.


Android Tablet Applications

Idea Infinity is already credited with the successful development of several native Android tablet applications. The advantage that tablets have over smartphones is that they have a larger screen size which allows developers to play around and provide the best user experience possible. Our applications such as the SudokuPDQ and employyd are some examples which show how we’ve utilized the platform to its full extent. Businesses often decide to opt for Android as the choice of platform in order to make data sharing and management more convenient.


Location Search, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare

It’s no big news how social media has engulfed our entire lives. Idea Infinity has already built several apps that can integrate with popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn to facilitate data sharing and check-ins. Location search is now a constant companion for those on the go so they can check-in when they reach specific locations. Our expert developers can build complex features such as proximity search, location search, GPS routing, and route tracking.


Server Integration

Android Applications usually require integration with a back-end server for the storage of customer data for data analytics. Our experts are well equipped to handle all sorts of API design and integration needs and use their experience and expertise for its implementation. Idea Infinity is the best option if you are searching for a mobile application development company that has a successful track record of consistently delivering high-end Android applications.

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